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Progress Monitoring: Winter 2022–23

Progress Monitoring: Winter 2022–23
Flagler Schools

In December and January, students in grades K–5 will take their second Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) assessment in both reading and math.

FAST is a progress monitoring tool administered three times per year to track student progress in learning the Benchmarks of Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.) standards. Results from the second progress monitoring assessment are for informational purposes only and can be accessed after testing is completed. 

To learn more about state-required FAST and Star Early Literacy assessments, visit the Assessments page.

Please review the upcoming testing dates for Old Kings Elementary School students found below.

Date Assessment Grade Level
12/13 STAR Math 1–2
12/14 STAR Math Kindergarten
12/15 FAST Math 3–5
1/10 FAST Reading 3–5
1/18 STAR Reading 1–2
1/19 STAR Reading Kindergarten
Make-Up Testing Dates
  • 12/14 STAR Math (K–2)
  • 12/16–12/22 FAST Math (3–5)
  • 1/12–1/13 FAST Reading (3–5)
  • 1/19–1/20 STAR Reading (K–2)