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Comprehensive Health

Comprehensive Health Education is required instruction per Florida Statute 1003.42. The curriculum includes 14 components of health that are age and developmentally appropriate. Human growth and development, including puberty and sexual health education, are an integral part of these components.

Comprehensive Health Components

Human Growth and Development Component

  • Grade 5: Introduction to the Reproductive System
  • Grade 6: Adolescent Development
  • Grade 7–8: Human Reproduction
  • Grade 9–12: Sexual Development and Reproduction, Abstinence, STIs (Including AIDS/HIV)

Instructional Materials

Florida Statute 1003.42 has been amended to require that all materials being used for instruction relating to reproductive health and disease instruction be approved by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). Once the FLDOE approves the reproductive health and disease instruction resources, parents may review any of the materials being used for these lessons.

Opting Out

Parents/guardians have the right to opt their child out of any portion of the school district’s comprehensive health education required under 1003.42(2)(n) that relates to sex education instruction in acquired immune deficiency syndrome education or any instruction regarding sexuality. All schools will send a paper copy of the opt-out form home with students approximately three weeks before the lessons are scheduled to be completed. The school will highlight the grade appropriate portion of the form and the deadline for the return of the form.

Submitting an Opt-Out Form

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